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Wall Art Street

Wall Art has come to the popular issues for teens and people who concern about the environment. The actors who involved in wall paintings mostly are teens in average and some adult who dedicate their live to art and street life. The ideas in paintings the wall in the street also has growth radically to the art that people never imagined. Here we just want to talk about 2 kinds of street art on street wall that are the most popular of them, 3D paintings and mural.

3D Paintings

You will easily find some 3D paintings in the street in big cities nowadays. That are even an event where people gathering and design and paint 3D paintings in the street and on the wall then they will compete to make the most paintings that look the most real. The #D paintings is become trend in wall art and street art design since the early 2000. The draw things like bottle, a superhero, a waterfall. A big dark hole and all of them seem to be real. 3D paintings are the hardest thing to do in wall and street art.

Mural Paintings

I think for common people. Mural painting is not a strange new word. Mural painting is a painting gin the wall usually in the street walls or others public walls. To do so, some people have to ask permission from the owner of the wall but some other jus go with the painting even if the owner actually does not like the ideas. You can also read Small Bathroom Design Ideas You must apply.

Wall Art

Wall Art 2012

Wall Art Image

Mural art usually is used to do campaign abut environmental issues like global warming, go green, corruption etc. but some other murals are made to promote things like brands. Everything sounds fun above.  You may improve your creativity in drawing a painting on the wall street then. So now, grab your paint and brush to do some wall art.

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