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Tranquil Oasis above the Polluted Urban Life

Tranquil oasis is the evidence for people that there is the small boundary between world and the sky up above, because these buildings are the new concept for the megatropolis project which showing people about some new and modern ideas which focus on the future urban life.

Tranquil oasis

Tranquil oasis blue

The Information about Tranquil Oasis

Actually some ideas for these mega buildings of tranquil oasis were come from Tsevtan Toshkov which exhibit people with the new and futuristic buildings by taking the lotus shape as the new inspiration for the megatropolis city, in short, this tranquil oasis PA actually about the new and modern concept for the skyscraper buildings which want to minimize the side effect from pollution which happens surrounds people. You can also read about Kitchen with cooktops in this site.

Tranquil oasis swimpool

Tranquil Oasis as the New Idea

When you see these buildings, you should need to realize that this is the concept which purely adopted from the lotus flower which can strongly stand in the middle of polluted water. When you really feel curious about this new city concept you can surely take a look at the tranquil oasis Orlando.  So the buildings are representing the new escape from the pollution and from the everyday buzz. Though the project is not finished yet, but people should really appreciate people who realizing the new and futuristic buildings which called as the tranquil oasis.


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