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Subway Tile for Shower Idea You Need to Know

Perhaps many of you are not really familiar with the design of subway tile for shower, especially for you who came from the eastern countries. This type of shower is actually first introduced from the use of it in the New York subway system. This system was opened on the year of 1904.

At that time, the tile design is rectangular, with white ceramics as the main materials of the tile. The selection of the white ceramics is based on the consideration that it is stain resistant and it is also durable for a long time. The subway tile for shower can also use the lighter colors and high gloss.

Here, there is an idea about subway tile for shower that you need to know. There growth of the design nowadays can also give effect to the design of the subway tile. There are some new patterns you can find to be made on the tiles. About the color, the choice can be more creative, and it depends on the whole look of the shower. You might be interested in reading Indoor Chaise Lounge Design Inspiration.

Subway Tile for Shower

Subway Tile for Shower Pictures

Subway Tile for Shower Niche

Though you may not really notice this kind of shower, the idea about it can also give you more ideas to do. This subway tile for shower can be further explored for the usual tiles in your shower.

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