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Sitting Room Ideas For The Best Interior Design

Modern homes are built using the latest architectural designs that are hybrid. Their sitting rooms are designed to provide a large space for more furniture, upholstery and accessory fittings. It is important to decide on the style that will complement the shape and size of the living room. Too many items will eat up space and make movement within the sitting room difficult for the guest. Too much space on the other hand will make it seem like the room is empty and reduce its appeal.

Sitting Room Ideas

Aspects Of A Sitting Room Ideas And Design

To achieve the best proportioning, it is important to consider the following aspects that are very important for any style.

  1. Wall coverings and hangings – They should blend with the color of the wall paint and furniture.
  2. Types of furniture available – Choose between large and small chairs, curved, straight and bent chairs, fixed cushioned and loose throw over cushions etc.
  3. Floor covering and carpets – Modern floor covering ideas includes fluffy, easy to clean carpets with cotton finishing. The cover pattern should blend well with other wall and furniture patterns.
  4. Lighting system – Darkly finished furniture will need brighter lighting to reveal the features. Cream and bright chairs match well with dim or tinted lights.
  5. Room complementary items like flowers – They should be adequate but not overdone. A single flower vessel in the center of the table creates a good balance and an attractive romantic design.

Sitting Room Designs And Color Ideas

When choosing a given design, consider a definite style that will describe the kind of sitting room color to be used. There are many traditional and modern living room ideas applicable for any room size.

Some common interior design ideas include;

  • Blue lilac living room – This is used with two large sofa sets leaning on the wall and a round or square table at the center. The sofa sets are arranged at 90 degrees to one corner. The chairs should have a velvet blue finishing.
  • White to purple living room – This is preferred for younger weds who have no kids since the white needs to be kept clean to maintain the look.
  • Vintage style living room – A more ancient style with two large chairs leaning on the wall and a set of two or three mini chairs. They blend well with old fashioned hanging chandeliers although the modern generation considers this a dinning light.
  • Cream-teal living room – This is a common style for larger living rooms. Orange armchairs may be added to improve the rhythm and balance.

Other defined interior design ideas include the elegant Georgian living room, Victorian living room, The Bohemian complex, Neutral black, Country cream and gray living room, pink to taupe rooms, Heather-paisley gray living room among other styles.

Modern living room ideas are a combination of vintage styles and new elegance. Most designs are color themed since color is the distinctive aspect of any style. Apart from individual furniture shapes and finishing, color plays the most integral role in living room design. The type of light should be one that provides sufficient illumination to the furniture and other fixtures in the room.

These sitting room ideas will give the room a much needed appeal and rhythm that is appreciated by any visitor. They are the best ideas to help you achieve a romantic design that will fundamentally alter the appearance of your sitting room.

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