Retro Bathroom Cabinet Styles

Retro bathroom cabinet is a good option for your bathroom if you want to add classic touch. This cabinet style is commonly built in the 1940s to the 1970s. However, some cabinets in this style are made currently but designed with retro look.  The cabinets in this style can be set in almost all bathroom decors whether they are contemporary, traditional, or rustic decor. Retro cabinets come from any eras. Thus, their styles are varied.

retro bathroom cabinet

There many styles of retro bathroom cabinet. 1950s metal cabinets are the most common retro cabinet used nowadays. The cabinets are made of metal with buried aluminum unwrapped. They are available in two colors, berry red and pistachio green.

retro bathroom cabinet ideas

A bathroom is wished to generate fresh atmosphere. This can be attained through retro bathroom cabinet in ice-blue motif. This cabinet offers the whole bathroom with the 1950s look which is sleek and simple. Cabinets in this style are made of wood with an arc chrome handle in simple design. You can also read about  Temporary Shelter Designs in this site.

retro bathroom cabinet 2012

For more attractive bathroom tones, you can set cabinets with pop art style as found in 1960s. For you who have a country-style bathroom, retro bathroom cabinets with hand-painted stencils or cedar planks finish are also available.

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