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Modern Fence for Environment Friendly Home

Modern fence has a changed purpose from its traditional sibling. Once upon a time the sole purpose of a fence was to keep intruders from going into your house. Nowadays fences are used more to defining the edges of a house, adding an aesthetical value to it and keeping privacy. These purposes, however, can be done without sacrificing your environmentally aware minds. Here are some eco-friendly fencing options for your eco-friendly homes.

Materials to Choose

The easier fencing material you can find for your modern fence is reclaimed materials. The companies usually use recycled grocery bags, recycled plastics, and recycled cardboard and wood fibers. Fences made with these materials look as good as the ones made with other materials like vinyl. It is also long-lasting. Some companies even offer lifelong limited warranty for their product. Recycled materials are also low-maintenance. They are resistant to moisture and insect, they cannot rot and they don’t need to be painted.

Other material options for your eco-friendly fence are sustainably harvested wood. They look exotic and elegant, although if you are serious about the environmental cause, you will need to check whether the material is certified by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). The cheapest option of all would be to get reusable materials from your local salvage yard and build your own custom-made fence. We can discuss about Modern Chandelier in Living Room in this site.

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Living Fence

Bamboo is the most popular choice to use as a living fence. It provides great privacy to your home and it is not as hard to maintain as most people think. To maintain a running bamboo type, you need to cut off its shoots every spring or install a rhizome controller. Clumping bamboo type is easier to maintain as its growth is not as wild as the runner type. Lastly, if you don’t want the hassle of maintenance, consider a modern fence made from harvested bamboo pole as it is both durable and beautiful.

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