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Massive Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Massive bathroom can look luxurious if proper decorating ideas are applied. While people are confused on how to make smaller bathroom seem larger, they get overwhelmed too when decorating large bathroom. They think that to turn a dull spacious bathroom into a classy look, it needs a lot of money. In fact, you can decorate you large bathroom at normal cost with a proper choice of fixtures, design, and schemes. You can buy bathroom furniture in leftovers or closeout sales to get lower price.

massive bathroom

A vanity is a main fixture in a bathroom. You can make it astonishing by installing wall sconces and designing light saloon across the top of the mirror as the dressing area. Since you have a massive bathroom, choose a double vanity with a wall mirror above it.

massive bathroom Lighting

Compared to small bathroom, massive bathroom provide a lot of space to dress up. This can be challenging project but once you successfully adorn the space with amenities, an attractive look can be achieved. For example, multiple faucets can be added in a shower space. Another idea is to mount glass blocks over the whirlpool tub as an exterior wall. you can also read about Luxury penthouses in London   in this site.

massive bathroom ideas

A good color scheme can create a luxury feeling. Light walls and floors are ideal for bathroom. Accent them with darker colors so the space will feel airy. The most important thing is to use colors that create a pleasant harmony in the massive bathroom.

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