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Living Room Different Height Formation for Home Design Idea

False ceiling is the best alternative to create living room different height interior design idea. Basically, false ceiling certainly used as home interior decoration and room focal point creation. Nowadays, there are numerous types, styles, and shapes of false ceiling. You can call it as POP ceiling or also known as Plaster of Paris false ceiling.

POP false ceiling is popular with Paris artistic detail applied on the edge of the false. This artistic detail is commonly made with unique 3D texture. No wonder that there will be unique shadow effect at night when room illumination is turned on in the living room different height.

In this modern era, POP false ceiling is designed with more modern style and shape. And there are various color and pattern applications to decorate them completing the living room different height interior design. Another alternative to create the living room with different height is by designing it from the first time with double height living room. You can also read about Modern wall design in this site.

Living Room Different Height

Living Room Different Height Modern

Living Room Different Height Huelsta

It is such simpler way to design airy and fresh room scheme in your guest room. There are numerous models which can be imitated in internet. For unique and modern style, you can install high and wide glass windows on the two sides of double height wall. Those glass mounted windows allow the natural light coming through to illuminate your living room different height.

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