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Innovative Bathroom Design by Gemelli Design

There are actually so many of the innovative bathroom design you can find all around the world. In this case, we would like to explain to you one of the designs which is made by the Gemelli Design. This bathroom design is really unique and somehow looked so futuristic. The name of the design is “H2O in Geometry”.

Since the bathroom is so essential in our house, especially for relaxing, thinking, and staying alone. Connecting the elements of the water, this name of the bathroom design is really representing. As we all have known, water now has become such an important issue around the world. The demand of the better use of it probably gives the inspiration to the   innovative bathroom design made by Gemelli Design.

In this design of bathroom, there is the domination of blue for the wallpaper.  Made in such a large space, the room looks so roomy, supported by the proper arrangement of the tiles. The overall look of the bathroom is therefore seemed so futuristic. In the innovative bathroom design here, the addition of some plants also makes the more comfortable look there. You might be interested in reading Funky Wall Interior Design by Tobiah Rehberger.

Innovative Small Bathroom Design

Innovative Bathroom Design

Innovative Bathroom Design Concepts

The design made by Gemelli Design explained here is really nice to know. Because of some element in the innovative bathroom design, the appearance of the room finally is great to look at.

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