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Ideas For Easter Table Decorations

When spring is around the corner, there is nothing other than Easter on a party enthusiast’s mind. In fact spring is in itself a reason big enough to throw a party. So pull out your favorite hat and champagne glasses to get yourself ready for the occasion and take clues from below for some party table decorations to decorate your table with sun drenched colors of life.

Here are few Easter table decorations that will not only give your table an elegant look but also inspire the guests towards a festive mood:

Easter Table Decorations

1. Place a butterfly garden arrangement

Place water soaked florist foam in a pedestal bowl and hide all its edges by covering them with sheet moss. Insert around 12 snapdragon stems cut at various angles and insert them in the foam. Make sure the stems are at least 12 to 15 inches in length. Repeat the same with ranunculus of varying stem lengths. Place taller flowers in the center and shorter ones on the sides. Finally, add silk butterflies which can be found at most craft stores.

2. Nest of Sweets

Hollow out an opening in a ball of Spanish moss using your thumbs. Hold the nest in place by wrapping a strand of florist wire around the edge of the moss. Get twigs from the garden and top the nest with them. Finally, place some sweets in it.

3. Robin’s Egg Place Cards

A tiny nest makes a speckled surprise on the table as a place card holder when a soft blue dyed egg is kept in it. To create an authentic robin’s egg appearance, make use of a toothbrush to give it delicate markings with brown paint.

4. From-the-garden centerpiece

You can call it “A Garden in Bloom” and it is a really quick-to-make centerpiece. Place some moss mats available at the craft store on a green table runner and the slip satin ribbon under the moss edges so that the ribbon peeps out slightly. Scatter Votives, eggs and rustic baskets full of tulips.

5. The Sweet Surprise

A sweet surprise can be one of the most romantic decoration ideas to implement while celebrating Easter with your beloved. Place a deceptive daffodil as the desert on the table. The soil of the pot can be a crumb covered chocolate cupcake and a diamond ring or any other piece of jewelry can be concealed in a daffodil made of tissue paper.

6. Excellent Idea

This is a clever idea to replace the traditional place cards on the table. Dye some hard cooked eggs in pale yellow color and create a speckled look with some brown shade of an acrylic paint. Let the eggs dry and then adorn them with the initials of the guests expected to be seated there with scrapbook letter stickers. Besides placing these masterpieces of art and craft, you can also decorate your Easter table with a number of wildflowers in pastel colors. While there is no denial that white is an evergreen color, a Monet-inspired flower pattern in soft colors such as lavender, yellow or peach may also work wonders with your decor.

For those on a budget, it is wise to check out for some perky cotton fabric at your local store. All that you would need is three yards for a standard tablecloth. Besides these out of the box decoration ideas, there are a number of romantic decoration ideas available on the internet for those who wish to add romantic themes to their Easter celebrations.

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