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How To Decorate A Living Room According To The Space Available

A home is a true reflection of its owner’s personality and should therefore adequate thought and precision should be considered while decorating it. It takes a lot to put the living room together. However, each and every bit contributes to the final look hence the need to put it all to importance.

1. How To Decorate A Living Room Wall

a) Which Colors Work for your Ideal Space

how to decorate a living room

If the space is limited, always go for bright and simple colors on the walls. These help to make the room appear bigger than it really is. This would also be the perfect opportunity to keep the stick to plain colors as busy patterns and colors tend to make it appear smaller than it really is.

On the other hand, if the living room is spacious, you have the freedom to experiment with color, designs and texture. Bright and plain colors would make it appear bigger than it really is though, and if not well balanced by other furniture then it would ruin the appeal.

b) When to Incorporate Mirrors

If working with a small sized living area, consider mirrors which are also perfect for a romantic home design. These on the walls of a small spaced living room would make it appear bigger. This is an illusion that works very well and adds character to the plain walls.


a) Which Floor Rugs Work

Floor rugs are the perfect way to add life to your living room space. If yours is a small sized living room and chose to go for white plain walls, go for plain colored rugs for instance; red, orange and green. Patterned rugs are too busy and would make the room appear smaller. On the other hand, use patterns and busy designed floor rugs to perfectly bind a spacious living room.

b) Textured Floor Pillows

These are perfect and a modern way to design a living room floor. In spacious rooms, always go for extra large floor pillows and small ones for smaller living room spaces. These should be strategically placed on the floor for a perfect look. This would also be the perfect chance for you to incorporate design and texture.


a) The Size and Design on the Sofa

These greatly contribute to how the living room works together. For plain walls and floor rugs, the sofa would be best with a little color and design. It would be the perfect way to break monotony and continuity. If you went for patterned floor rugs, choose plain colored, but textured surface for a perfect balance.

b) Which Size of Coffee Tables Should We Go For?

For a spacious living room, you can always go for a big coffee table. This would also accommodate a big coffee table as well. However, a small spaced living room would require a simple yet stylish plain colored coffee table. It is always advisable to go for petite but stylish furniture for small living room spaces and bigger one for larger living rooms.

It’s all about understanding the kind of space that you’re working with when it comes to decorating living rooms. Your decorating choice might make it appear spacious and better or cramped and overwhelming. Bright lights are also suitable for a small spaced room as they create a romantic home design appeal.

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