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Funky Wall Interior Design by Tobiah Rehberger

If you desire in making a unique look of your house rooms, the funky wall interior design that will be explained here can surely give a huge impact on the overall look of the house. Some people avoid this kind of design because some of them state that the look will be too much. Here we will have a look at an interior design of a bar in Venice, Italy, as the inspiration for our house.

The designer of this interior is Tobiah Rehberger. The wall paint used there in the room is like a powerful statement the designer makes. Once you enter the bar, you will feel so inspired and confused as well. It seems people can get drunk only by having a look at the funky wall interior design of the wall. The wall paint here looks like a camouflage since the perspective look inside the room is not clear.

Using the funky wall interior design and dominated with the stripes of black and white on the walls and the furniture, the bar looks so funky in any way. Also because of this, the people inside that bar can feel dizzy if they take a great attention to them. You can also read Funky Modern Kitchen Wallpaper with Colorful Theme.

Funky Wall Interior Design

Funky Wall Interior Design Trends

Funky Wall Interior Design Ideas

By looking at this design, are you interested to make the more unique wall interior design in your home? If it is so, the funky wall interior design by Tobiah Rehberger above can surely give you more ideas to apply.

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