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Floral Curtain With Bow Tie: Is It Appropriate To Match?

Have you ever imagine to dress up your home with floral curtain with bow tie? It may look pretty unusual, but when try it, you will never know the changes it will give to your home. When selecting curtain for your home, just remember, it is all about the colors and prints.

Colors Matter in Selecting Curtains

Selecting the appropriate color is the most crucial factor to consider when it comes to improving your home. This also applies to selecting or buying your new set floral curtain with bow tie. It’s because it also affects the warmth or coolness of your home. It’s not necessary to select a red pastel color of curtain just because your wall paint is red. This will just make your home too heavy in the eyes. Just little tweaks to compliment the colors is enough to blend everything in place.

For example your interior is painted clean white, you can buy cream colored floral curtain with bow tie with a little shades of red in it to make your home balanced to look at. Just bear in mind that the major color of the curtain is cream or red and not white. You do not want to make your home look dry. You can see the sample image below.


Floral Curtain with Bow Tie

Floral Curtain with Bow Tie- Is it Enough?

One thing to ponder upon is that, do you really have to be realistic with the floral color? Such usual colors of flowers that we see are red, orange, pink, yellow, and white. In this modern era, everything creative you can think of is out there in the stores. For instance, you are a retro type of person and you have a set of black and white furniture such as what is seen below.


As you can see, it does not really matter if you choose black floral curtains as long as it matches perfectly to your furniture and wall paint. This type of floral curtain is appropriate to match with checkered sofa.

Is it Appropriate to Match Floral Curtain with Bow Tie?

So, there you have your picked floral curtain with the color of your choice. The trickiest question is: Is it appropriate to match floral curtain with bow tie? Is it necessary to have floral bow tie too?

Bow ties in curtain of any design is awesome to have. Bow ties are simply unique just enough to bring out a little touch of your curtain. However, it is the best to have your bow tie in a blocked color. For instance, you have a yellow and white colored floral curtains, try to match it with a full blocked yellow-colored bow tie. It will make a balance of the color of the curtain itself and the good thing in it is that the bow tie is easily noticeable. When you opt floral bow tie for your floral curtain, it will not be much appreciated since it will not be easily notice because they have the same prints.

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