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Ensuite Bathroom Ideas

Ensuit Bathroom is the bathroom which is directly connected to your bedroom, which is means that this bathroom is your own private bathroom. Only you can access the bathroom. Then it is better to make it as beautiful as you want. You can apply for a simply chic idea or the wooden warm one. Set your private bathroom with stuffs that you want it to be there.

Simply Chic Ensuit Bathroom Ideas

For the simplicity you can cover the wall with a nature colors like white, soft pink, amber, scarlet or turquoise. If your ensuit bathroom is located in a second or third floor you can place the comfortable bath up near the window. You can enjoy the city lights view when you take a bath in the evening. Then set your bathroom furniture in one tone color with the wall. Place a carpet if it is needed and you can also put some flowers in a vase or a painting that will make your “me time” be more qualified.

Wooden Warm Ensuit Bathroom Ideas

For the warm atmosphere for your ensuit bathroom you can change the wall colors to the warm one like dark brown, light brown, yellow, maroon and many more. You can also use the wallpaper that has tiny motives like flowers or polka to make your bathroom more glorious. Then set the bathroom furniture in one tone color with the wall. Change the floor into the wooden one to keep the warm atmosphere. You might also read Decorating House Ideas for Small Birthday.

Ensuite Bathroom

Ensuite Bathroom 2012

Ensuite Bathroom Decorating

You can choose the bath up or shower depends on your taste, or maybe you can put both of them to your private bathroom. Do not forget to set some flowers or paintings to make your bathroom more comfortable. For the window it is depend o your taste to set the big one or the tiny one, you room floor will decided this one. You can also put the closet in you ensuit bathroom if you want.

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