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Deco Bathroom Ideas for Minimalist Beach Theme

Beach theme seems to be attractive deco bathroom ideas to suit the summer season style. Feel the summer breeze in the bathroom sounds very good for your cleaning area. The bathroom decoration style is easy to follow. You only have to consider the space, color paint, and decorative item and of course layout to start decorating it. Beach deco bathroom ideas are simply with blue, baby blue, bold blue, and water turquoise color scheme application on the wall. You can make it minimalist with neutral color application on the furniture and appliances. Choose birch color on timber vanity and cabinetry. Baby blue color scheme looks fresh and airy applied on the entire bathroom wall. Pure white color looks elegant and neutral on the ceiling and furniture depends on your desire and room condition. For decorative items in the beach deco bathroom ideas, some shells and starfish looks exotic stuck on the wall near the vanity. You might be interested in reading Cool Small Desk Ideas for Space-Saving.

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Sand color on the bathroom flooring looks elegant to suit the beach theme in the bathroom. If you are brave enough, try to add large painting of deep blue sea coral on the bathroom center wall to complete the deco bathroom ideas.

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