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Country Living Room Ideas To Help You Create A Cozy Space

Romantic themes are usually associated with bedrooms. But you can use this theme in other parts of the house. Country living room ideas can help you to create a cozy space where you can entertain guests and socialize with your family. To create a romantic space, combine luxurious accessories and a variety of warm colors.

Country Living Room Ideas: Use Rich Paint Colors

Romantic living room ideas focus on color. Use warm shades of pink or red on your walls. You can also use rose, ruby, scarlet, and crimson paint. A living room seems more inviting when you use warm colors on your walls.

If your living room is small, use pink or red on two of the walls and use a neutral or lighter color on the other walls. A small space will look smaller if you use a rich color on all the walls of a room.

Country Living Room Ideas


Cover your Floor with Carpets or Area Rugs

Use an area rug or soft carpet to cover your floor. This will help you to create a soft feeling when you step on the floor. Covering your floor also makes your space more intimate. Choose a dark colored area rug or carpet. Romantic living room ideas focus on creating comfort.

Select Upholstered Armchairs and Couch

If you are looking for decorate living room ideas to make your space romantic, select upholstered armchairs and couch. They should be upholstered with soft fabrics. Choose furniture that has microfiber, velvet or chenille. The pieces you choose should be in neutral colors. But you can add some color by adding red and pink blankets and pillows.

Choose Long Curtains

Romantic living room ideas also emphasis on window treatments. Choose floor-to-ceiling sheers and drapes for your windows. The curtains should be made of luxurious materials such as satin or velvet. Sheers should be made of an airy and light material to create a romantic space.

Display Romantic Artwork

Find pictures and paintings of various romantic locations in the world. You can also display family pictures that capture important memories. This makes your living room seem more intimate.

Flower Arrangements

A flower arrangement is a wonderful addition to any room. But it is even more important if you want to create a romantic ambience in your living room. Choose flowers with warm colors such as red and pink and display them in vases. Set the flowers on a shelf or coffee table.


Candles can be both decorative and functional. If you are looking for ideas for your living room, take advantage of taper candles. Place the candles on decorative platters. The platters can be put on a coffee table. Candles offers soft lighting in the evening to create a romantic setting.

Travel Mementos

If you travel a lot, display some of the mementos you have collected on your trips. This gives your living room a personal touch. Travel inspired decorative elements also make your space unique. The items you choose to display will tell a story about your travels and interests.

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