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Chandeleir in Bathroom Factors To Consider

Homeowners take a lot of care to decorate their house. From living room to the bedroom and from dining room to kitchens people put a lot of efforts in order to find the best ideas that will make their house look good. Nevertheless, it’s seen that most homeowners leave the bathrooms since they think that no romantic bathroom ideas are required in this part of the house. But this notion is not true because even your bathrooms require great romantic ideas.

You spend lots of time in your bathroom in fact, you start your day by spending some time in it. Therefore, people should also take their effort to decorate their bathrooms. The bathrooms can be decorated with painting, flowers just to mention a few, but the best way to decorate it is to use bathroom chandelier lighting. In order to get the best results from chandelier in the bathroom, there are several factors which you should take into consideration as illustrated below:

Best style

Determining the best style that suit you should be the first factor to consider. Ideally, the chandelier should complement your bathroom without distracting the rest of the design. You will need to decide what finish you like and this should be simple to do. Just ask yourself these simple questions; are you a fan of brass, crystal, glass, bronze or wrought iron? Once you decide the right finish for you, it would be simple to choose the right style.

Chandeleir in Bathroom

The right size

Once you have chosen the right style for your bathroom, it is also important to determine the size of the chandelier that you need to purchase. The size of your bathroom should determine the size of chandeliers that you buy. If you have a big bathroom, a big chandelier should be the best option on the other hand; if your bathroom is small then it’s better to choose a small chandelier. Remember, that the place and direction of these lights affect the overall look of your bathroom. The chandelier should not hang too low to where you might hit your head. A rule of thumb is to ensure that you have hanged the chandelier at least seven feet from your bathroom floor.

The Level of illumination

It is also important to consider the level of illumination that chandelier can provide. 60 watt bulbs are considered normal for chandeliers that have two sockets. However, chandelier that has more than 3 branches should use 40 watt bulbs to provide light that is pleasant & not overpowering. For romantic bathroom ideas, you may opt to install a dimmer switch in order to have more control on the amount of light you want.

Your Budget

The amount of money that you want to spend should be kept in mind. Chandelier lights come in different varieties and range. Therefore, it is important to choose a particular piece that will be suitable for your pocket. Choose the number of light according to the size of your bathroom & lightening of the room. If you have a too dark room, you can opt for five light fixtures to seven light fixtures.

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