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Bathroom Shelf Decoration

Bathroom shelf decoration sometimes can make your bathroom look more beautiful. Besides for save the tools, bathroom shelf also can become accessories. With the right choice and located, this stuff will give the good function for your bathroom, even your bathroom small.

bathroom shelf

To make the good bathroom shelf decoration is easy. First thing that you have to do, you have to measure your bathroom before choose the self that you want. Too big shelf will make it look not suitable for the bathroom. After that, you have to adjust the bathroom design with your shelf. Shocking design sometimes look good for the plain bathroom which is usually use the neutral design and color.

recessed bathroom shelf

After that, location, do not put your shelf directly near with the shower or your bathtub. But you can put it near that. You can add the towel place into the bathroom shelf. Bathroom shelf will help your bathroom tidy and good looking. you can also read about Bungalow design   in this site.

solid bathroom shelf

Selecting right material is important also. Wooden and glass are the favorite material for the bathroom shelf. But you have to aware with the wooden material. You have to make the distance between the wooden-shelf with the water. Wooden is the favorite for bathroom shelf decoration because this material gives ethnic and unique looking.

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