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Bathroom Ideas Long Narrow with Mirror

Mirror is the best accessory to complete bathroom ideas long narrow layout ideas. It is such basic information that mirror is perfect home stuff which have big function as enlargement stuff. Well, today, there are so many small houses built for small family and bachelors. And they have limited space to place many household furniture without make the space too crowded. In this case, mirror can help this situation.

Bathroom ideas long narrow layout creation should apply mirror to make the small space looks wider and spacious. We can find numerous photos floating in internet related to long narrow bathroom ideas samples. Most of them involve mirror as main wall décor ideas to make the bathroom larger. This smart mirror is available in various sizes according to the bathroom space and condition.

The best concept of applying mirror into bathroom ideas long narrow is by applying the mirror on the tip wall side. This mirror can make the narrow bathroom looks even longer than before perfectly when you open the bathroom door. Choose one or both shower and bathtub appliances as your wish. You can also read about Patterned sanitary ware in this site.

 Bathroom Ideas Long Narrow

Bathroom Ideas Long Narrow Ideas

Bathroom Ideas Long Narrow Design

But you should choose a bathtub which is multipurpose to accommodate showering and bathing activities. Don’t forget to choose vanity version depends on the bathroom space. If it is too long for main bathroom appliances and furniture, you can place double vanity to maximize the bathroom ideas long narrow.

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