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Art Deco Bathroom: Get the Decoration Ideas

Art deco bathroom includes the nature and its elements that are considered as the ultra modern style yet also has the primitive touch. First, you have to know that the most important thing in art deco is it should always be uncluttered and clean. This is because this style is popular due to its minimalism.

When it comes to decoration, you should know that there are some decorations that have art deco style. This kind of decoration should be elegant yet functional at the same time. For the materials, you can also choose the ones that are made up of stainless steel, lacquer, zebra skin, shark skin, inlaid wood, and aluminum in art deco bathroom.

For the colors, you should also know that the common choice is paste color. The popular choices are soft greens and light blues. For the lighting in art deco bathroom, you should consider using sconces or fixtures that are made up with aluminum or stainless steel. You can also paint your wall with metallic paint. You can also readg Pink Bedroom for Your Dauhter.

Art Deco Bathroom

Art Deco Bathroom Review

Art Deco Bathroom Plan

When it comes to the ceiling, you can paint it black if you are the adventurous one. For the rugs, you can choose the one that has geometric design. Faux zebra skin is also the perfect choice to get the feel of art deco. Those are the basic things you should know about art deco bathroom.

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