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4 Great Romantic Lounge Room Ideas

Designing a lounge room can be daunting for many of us, particularly because there are plenty of romantic design style that we can approach, with countless color combinations, arrangement ideas and furniture to choose. The lounge room is the area of your home where you go to enjoy some quiet time, and giving it a romantic-style makeover can make it the perfect place for you and your beloved ones. If you are looking for fresh lounge room ideas, check out these amazing decoration styles that you can approach.

 Lounge Room Color Ideas

Cuddle Next to the Fireplace

If your lounge room does not have a fireplace already, then it is just the right time to get one. A classic fireplace is going to be best if your lounge room is rather simplistic or rustic, but you can also go for a modern one, with colorful tiles, if you want to remodel the room uniquely. Note that a fireplace is going to be the centerpiece of the lounge room, so you should better avoid placing any other decorative elements around. However, you can still make use of the available space by introducing bookshelves around the fireplace, a large sofa with cushions that fit the rest of the room in terms of colors, and perhaps some felt ball rugs to have a soft surface to walk on.

Go Vintage

Vintage lounge rooms can provide warm and calm attire, and approaching a romantic design can enable you to experience the joy of being together greatly. What about decorating the entire room in warm tones of ivory? Opt for wooden floors, and create an arrangement of sofas and armchairs around a small, round coffee table. Cushions with floral motifs can make everything look and feel familiar, whilst positioning some simple tableaus on the wall can create an interest point. Go for one or two lamps with traditional, yellow light bulbs, which will make the room warmer for you and your beloved one.

Lounge Room Ideas

Paint Everything in Red and Pink

Red and pink are romantic colors of their nature, and they can be used to create a wonderful romantic design lounge room where you can enjoy and treasure your time with your beloved one. Curtains in soft red and white are going to redden the light that comes through the windows, whilst a large, colorful rug places in the center will make the room more familiar and “sweet”. To add a spectacular centerpiece to the room, go for one red-and-white armchair, which should be placed near two ivory ones. Opt for a small, rectangular coffee table, where you can place a vase with your favorite flowers. Garnish with scented candles or sticks.

Colorful Wall Decals

If you cannot afford paining the room, wall decals are going to be a money-saving alternative. There are plenty of options out there, providing countless patterns, colors and images that will enable you to transform your lounge room entirely with a soft, romantic design. Warm colors are generally the best, so explore online catalogues and choose the decal that you like most.

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